Future Champion

Future Champion is our latest addition to the Champion Dash platform – the inaugural, obstacle course race (OCR) for kids – will be held during the Champion Dash Tradition events.
Future Champion will be a chance for kids to experience their own OCR, feel a sense of accomplishment and conquer obstacles like the adults. Register your kids and cheer them on as they finish the first ever kids obstacle course at Future Champion. Presented by D.A.R.E. Vietnam, the creators and producers of Champion Dash.

Born To Be A Champion

800+ meters non-competitive OCR for Dashers between 4 – 13 years of age. 8+ fun, exciting, safe and yes, muddy obstacles! Encouraging teamwork and the Dasher community spirit. Starting times: 8:30am. Parents and spectators are permitted inside viewing areas to cheer on their Future Champions throughout the race. A truly family oriented, full day experience. Held during Champion Dash Traditional events.


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